The Best Time to Surprise Your Loved One with a Bouquet of Roses

The Best Time to Pull Out a Bouquet of Roses and Surprise Your Loved One

Roses can make any moment special. Whether you are giving them to a significant other you have been with for a decade or surprising someone for a first anniversary, a rose box makes a fantastic gift. Timing is important, as the perfect moment can make the gift even more memorable. You can’t go wrong when you are sharing the gift of a long-lasting flower arrangement. Here are four ideas to help you find the perfect time to give roses to the person you love.

Surprise Them at Their Favorite Restaurant

A romantic dinner at your significant other’s favorite restaurant is one of the best settings for gifting a bouquet of roses. The lighting is right, the smells are divine, and the décor is perfect. What could make the night more special than something like a 24k gold rose box or a heart-shaped rose arrangement? Call ahead and ask the staff if they can help you with your surprise. Leave your box of roses at the restaurant before dinner and have them bring it out at the right time. They can present your flowers right as you’re putting the finishing touches on a shared dessert for the perfect ending to a perfect night.

Wake Them Up with Flowers and Breakfast

Is there a better way to start the morning than with a lovely surprise? Giving long-lasting roses to your significant other as they wake up is a great way to start their day off on the right foot. Set your alarm for a half-hour before theirs, and then wake up and get everything ready. If you want to make the morning special, you can deliver breakfast in bed alongside your handcrafted bouquet of year-long roses. Give them flowers in a bright color to bring an extra bit of excitement to their morning.

Recreate Your Memories at the Door

Remember the days of standing at the door of your new boyfriend or girlfriend? All the jitters and excitement of your first few dates hit you right there at the front door. You can recreate this feeling no matter how far into your relationship you are. Grab a box of roses and knock at the front door. You’ll feel the same excitement and anticipation that you did in those early days. When they open the door and see you standing there with a beautiful arrangement of roses, your lover will be flooded with that same positive energy.

Create a Romantic Setting at the Park

Flowers grow outdoors, so why not present your gift out in nature? A park in your city or even by the ocean is a romantic place to present your long-lasting roses. Red roses will stand out among the colors around the park for a memorable gift, while green and blue roses can match the setting for a bouquet that looks right at home. Take a walk through the park with your significant other, and then you can surprise them with roses. Or, you can enlist the help of a friend to bring you the bouquet halfway through the walk for a surprise your husband or wife never sees coming. This is just one of the many amazing places where you can present your bouquet.

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