Flower Gift Ideas for Your 4th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrate Your 4th Wedding Anniversary with These Flowers

It’s a long-standing tradition for each anniversary year to be signified with certain materials, objects, or colors. The first anniversary is associated with the colors gold and yellow. When you get to the fourth anniversary with that special someone, it is time for the big gift: A bouquet of flowers. It’s hard to beat a bouquet of preserved roses that can last until your next anniversary or even longer. From green roses to traditional red ones, here are four types of roses and arrangements to consider for your fourth anniversary.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Traditional Roses

It’s hard to beat a bouquet of traditional red roses, especially if they are preserved. The best long-lasting roses can look just as good a year from now as the day you bought them. Your significant other will love looking at them and remembering all the fantastic things you two have done over the last four years. The red color can spark feelings of love and passion that aren’t easy to forget. Get a single rose in a hand-crafted black box for an understated gift that stands out, or get an entire box of roses for a long-lasting centerpiece that can transform an entire room.


Embrace the 4th Anniversary Tradition with Blue or Green Roses

While anniversaries have certain materials or gifts associated with them, there are also certain colors to consider. Typically, green and blue represent the fourth anniversary, so why not gift your loved one blue or green roses? You can get a bouquet of blue or green roses to signify the moment. If you already have another gift, choose a small acrylic box with a single blue or green rose to add to your present for a stunning combo they will cherish for years.

Choose Something Heartfelt and Memorable with Heart-Shaped Rose Boxes

There’s something exciting about a rose arrangement that features a unique design. A heart-shaped box full of beautiful roses can be a sweet reminder of how full your heart has been for four years and counting. Want to impress your wife or husband even more? Consider a box of  red and black roses organized in the shape of a heart. Anniversary traditions are full of symbols, and the heart is the most important symbol. By getting a long-lasting rose arrangement in the shape of a heart, you can show your love in a gift they get to appreciate for years to come.

Give Them Something Special with a Custom Bouquet

A custom bouquet can show how much thought you put into your flower arrangement. You can customize the look, color, and display of your preserved roses. You can customize it with the number four to symbolize the anniversary, use your significant other’s favorite colors, or choose their initials for a special design. A custom bouquet can make your anniversary gift even more special.

About The Million Roses

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