Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month we interviewed Stephanie Neumann founder of Yoga For Cancer and breast cancer survivor about her personal journey. The founder has transformed her life and is helping women worldwide to heal with her platform Yoga for Cancer that offers  a yoga charity that provides quality yoga classes for everybody – also for people affected by cancer. Stephanie wants to create awareness of our most precious gift – health – and shares with us what we all can do to improve it by living a healthy lifestyle. 

Stephanie Neumann by Maria Schiffer

Stephanie, can you share you cancer story with us and how you decided to start Yoga for Cancer and a Happy House? 

I got diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2018 and immediately realized that I would like to make some changes to my life. Yoga and meditation carried me through the tough months of treatments and surgery. And at some point I knew I no longer want to work as a fashion journalist and that I want to dedicate my new life to helping others and to promoting a healthy lifestyle in general. So with my charity Yoga for Cancer we organize online yoga events and festivals and donate all proceeds to cancer organizations. With my app Happie Haus we support and empower breast cancer patients on their journey to recovery with a holistic mind-body-program.

Stephanie back in 2018 after Chemo 

You have worked in the fashion industry before, what would you change about it? 

I think fashion is fun and a great way to express yourself. But I do think that it should be more sustainable and less about TikTok seconds of fame. More about building up a wardrobe that lasts.

Fashion Days: Stephanie Neumann with Cara Delevingne 

What events do you have coming up for Cancer Awareness month? 

We are already right in it. Yesterday Estée Lauder threw an after work cocktail in Hubert Burda’s student apartment and as a highlight the Siegessäule turned pink for the night. Next there is Germany’s biggest cancer trade fair happening in Munich, the Yes!Con, plus our own event at the end of the month where we are giving 7 of our Happie Haus women a special treat day in Berlin.

You are also a writer - if someone wants to send a note along with flowers what would you suggest. What helped you mentally to get yourself back into health. 

One note is not enough ;) My advice is to celebrate every step of the treatment. The messages that helped me the most were quite simple “Congratulations – another chemo done!” Really, that’s all it takes: People that think of you and celebrate every step with you. That’s what kept me going. 

What changes did you do in your life and routine that you can share with us? 

I try to monotask instead of multitask. I take more time for myself and I have a morning routine that involves meditation, yoga and a cup of warm water with a splash of lemon.

You love to surround yourself with beauty and have excellent taste. Where would suggest our readers place the Million Roses arrangements? 

In the hall / entry area on a nice sideboard or commode. As a warm welcome to everybody who enters the house.

What are your favorite colors and why?  Which rose colors do you like most? 

I generally like colors, strong colors such as sunshine yellow, grass green, sky blue or coral red. When it comes to roses they have to be pink. Pink is so powerful.

You live between Germany and France. Can you share your favorite spots with us? 

I love the golden light of the Côte d’Azur and any café there that has a view of the sea. I love the rough beauty of Marseille and the amazing sight from the MUCEM museum. In Berlin I love the yummy and super-healthy food from Daluma, any exhibition at the Berliner Bahnhof (you just can’t go wrong there), smoothies from the Juicery and sunday afternoon strolls across the Mauerpark when the air is full of music and joy.

What advice would you give female entrepreneurs? Especially when they want to follow their heart and start a purpose driven journey? 

Surround yourself with good people, people you trust. And trust your gut feeling there. The people that feel right are the right ones – in private life as well as in business.

For Stephanie's  upcoming Charity Events we will donate our Pink Ribbon Roses that we have created for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 



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