GUCCI x The Million Roses


The Million Roses collaborated with Gucci on a limited edition custom designed box for their VIP customers. The stunning boxes with the Gucci Logo were available in Red, Pink and Rose Gold and quickly became a collector item. 


Whether you’re looking for gifts for your customers, clients or employees, are planning an event, want to add luxury to your office interiors or you want to create your private label collection with The Million Roses, we’ve got you covered. Choose our sustainable, handmade rose boxes that will last at least 3 Years, need no water and have the highest quality of naturally preserved roses.

About The Million Roses

In 2014, The Million Roses was founded to honor the beauty of flowers. We were the first company to create preserved rose boxes and have been setting the industry standard ever since - committed to the highest quality flowers and production. 

The roses are grown and preserved in Ecuador using a non-toxic process and arranged by hand in Los Angeles into beautiful luxury boxes. Our roses last for at least 3 years. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re good for the planet. Less water, less waste. This makes them the perfect conscious and sustainable gift.


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