The new THE MILLION ROSES SUEDE Collection featuring the SUPERDOME 


The new SUEDE Collection includes new suede boxes in the colors light blue, mint, dark green and bordeaux.  These unique boxes elevate any space and complement the beauty of your preserved roses perfectly. They come in single, basic, classic, heart and supreme box shapes. Together they look like a Suede Family that will last together forever.  Our sexy, suede boxes are soft to the touch and the heart. 


This new collection has one of the biggest highlights this year: The Superdome. The Million Roses is adding this elevated style for an extra bit of ‘wow’. These stunning, dome-shaped arrangements bring a whole new beauty to your space. With the Superdome you will have a bouquet that will exceed your expectations as these dome shapes are extra big and round and as the name suggests just “super”. When you choose the Superdome you will get many more roses in your box for an impressive result. The Superdome comes in the three box sizes Basic, Classic and Supreme and is a guaranteed showstopper. The Superdome is 4 times bigger than the regular dome and features many more roses.


The Million Roses also introduces new trend colors this season: sand, gray, baby pink and dark orchid, colored roses. In total you can choose now from 35 rose colors and mix and match your rose arrangements. Some bouquets featured one rose color, others two or three or you can choose the rainbow roses that showcase a variety of colors.  With the design your own and customized options there is no limit to your creativity. From tiffany roses, sparkling neon pink and gold roses we have the right rose shade for your taste. The Million Roses also adds a new pink color for the roses called “Baby Pink” (it is a very light/pale pink) and a “Dark Orchid” rose, both go perfectly with our current Suede Light Pink Boxes and add more variations to the best-selling red and pink shades. 

The collection images have been photographed under the creative direction of Katharina Baron and showcases the new Suede Boxes, Superdome and new trend colors. 

Q&A with Creative Director Katharina Baron  

Tell us more about the new collection?  

“Overall it is a very sophisticated and elegant collection. You can really see that the products are more like home decor items now and much more than a gift. You want to integrate them in your home design and match different box sizes to immediately upgrade any room. Our collection images are just a small selection of color combinations that are possible. So everyone can get creative and find their perfect match to the new suede box colors. 

I really love the tone in tone combinations where we choose the pink suede boxes with pink roses, or light blue boxes with blue roses. There is something very special about being able to pair your suede box to the same color of roses. This immediately lets you imagine a party or a perfect occasion. Of course we have endless color combinations, but for the shoot we mainly did focus on white roses in the suede boxes or the matching sets. “ 

Which are your favorite pieces from the new collection? 

“My favorite designs are the bordeaux red suede boxes with the bordeaux red Superdome roses in basic and classic. These look so timeless, elegant and beautiful. The perfect gift that lasts forever and becomes an interior design element. I think we see the full beauty of the Superdome here as we almost don’t know where the roses end. ”

How can you incorporate the new collection into your interior design? 

“I also love the new mint green classic box with white and tiffany roses. They just add that pop of color to any room. I would recommend planning your rose color selections based on your interior design. You can choose colors that you love or that you compliment your art or home decor and create consistency and surprise.” 

Can you tell us more about the new colors? 

“They are perfect for autumn/winter but also such a great addition to anyone who is understated. Sand roses are very subtle and like in fashion the nude tones really go with everything - I personally love them with the light blue boxes. You can mix them with other rose colors like white or just arrange them in the Superdome or dome for a stylish bouquet. I also think that gray is such a cool color for all the minimalists and especially for men. We actually had our hairdresser that walked out with them from our shoot as he fell in love with the gray roses box. Men love roses for their homes and desks and I feel now we have even more options for them. “

About The Million Roses 

Founded in 2014 to honor the beauty of flowers, The Million Roses invented and designed  the preserved rose boxes. Grown and preserved in Ecuador, the roses are arranged by hand in Los Angeles by floral artists. 

Available in a variety of colors and collections, The Million Roses serve as the perfect gift for those who desire a little luxury in their life no matter the occasion!

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