The Million Roses have a beautiful Heart Collection with Roses in a Heart Box and we reached out for a heart to heart conversation with two experts when it comes to all matters of Heart and Self Love. Katharina Baron spoke to the founders Elodie Attias & Aurelie Brisac from the HeartWorkers about the meaning of heart intelligence , roses and the importance to gift yourself beautiful flowers. 

Your Brand’s name is COR By HeartWorkers and I had to think of you when I was holding our Heart Rose Box. What does the Heart symbol mean to you ? 

It means connection to Higher Intelligence. We (Elodie & Aurélie) know that two hearts trying to understand each other are smarter than two minds trying to be right. That’s why we named our company COR By HeartWorkers. COR is the Latin root for the word Heart. The Heart is our doorway towards connection & balanced energy. It represents the courage to listen, welcome and express our emotions and it is our source of co-creation as a collective and an individual.  

You are offering coaching solutions for companies but also working a lot with intuition. How would you read the energy of roses? 

We love deciphering energetic information. Before starting to read the energy of roses, take a deep breath in, a deep breath out and connect to this rose through all your senses as if you were connecting with a friend or a lover. Start by the scent, look at the rose and connect to its essence: nature is this common playground we all share. Be receptive to their generous sharing and thank them for their generosity. Then take a few deep breaths through your heart, and ask yourself: what are the emotions and sensations present in my body right now? Savor your time with your body reactions and ask the roses if there is anything they would like to share with you. Trust that you will receive the right insights for you in the NOW moment, maybe a word, a vision, an idea. Be open to the infinite possibilities.

Where would you incorporate roses in interior design to create a zen oasis?  

 As soon as you enter a home, it will inspire an instant release of energy that doesn't serve us anymore. It will connect your being to unconditional love that all roses carry. And as importantly, it will connect your heart to the beauty of giving. 

Elodie you come from the fashion industry and I remember you shared this story with me when you were wearing different colorful clothes during a difficult period of your life. Can colors heal us? 

I had bone cancer when I was 24 years old and during the whole year of chemotherapies, I had an aversion for black color, that symbolized the absence of light, the absence of life at the time. I could not wear any clothes that would lower my vibration during this challenging time.

My family has been manufacturing clothes for decades, so I was well aware of the impact of fabrics and colors on people’s moods and behaviors. 

It is very important to choose colors that expand your aura and raise your energy. The vibration of white was one of protection for me, and to connect with optimism and enthusiasm, much needed at the time, orange was the solution.

We would like to invite the readers to ask themselves now:

What color are you vibing with at this NOW moment?

What could this say about your current emotional or physical state?

What do the different rose colors symbolize for you? 

Rosas Blancas Meaning: I am pure essence of light and wisdom

Rosas Naranjas Meaning: I am happiness & singularity at the same time

Green Roses Meaning: I am powerful, healthy & nurturing

Rosas Azules Meaning: I am harmony, fun & relaxation all together

Rosas Moradas Meaning: I am enchantment & transmutation until ecstasy 

Red Roses Meaning: I am loved unconditionally, I am strong and I am guided 

Yellow Roses Meaning: I am cared and I am loved, it feels so good

Rosas Rosadas Meaning: I am safe, sincere & interconnected to gratitude

Rosas Lavanda Meaning: I am a magician of all that is

You are both French but live in LA - what are the differences in which places do you love most? 

Los Angeles: creativity, open-mindedness, freedom to be, to explore, to go beyond our limited beliefs, inclusion, diversity, people are connected to their dreams

Paris: authenticity of the relationships, depth of the conversations and warmth of friends’ hearts & families. Living life to the fullest in a traditional way.

You both always have a big smile on your face. What's the secret to happiness?

Feeling the joy of learning from ALL. All stimulus, all present moments, all challenges, all relationships, all life events… And knowing that humor is our best ally to power through difficulties. 

We are in a critical time where climate change is a real threat. How can everyone start to be more conscious in their everyday lives? 

We need to bring into balance the left and the right brain, the vibration of the feminine, (inward qualities) and the vibrations of the masculine (outward qualities) and it has nothing to do with our gender. Balance will support healing of our beautiful Earth, nature, the minerals, the plants, the water and of ourselves.

We can start by investing in quiet time and taking responsibility for all our experiences without blaming anyone, facing our shadows and judgements with compassion and empathy and owning our power from a place of integrity, empathy, open mindedness, inclusion.

You have a very modern approach to gifting and you came up with this beautiful initiative for The Million Roses around self love. Can you tell us more about it? 

To develop self-love, one simply needs to change one tiny thing a day. No need to move to Japan, simply choose one external aspect of your environment to be updated right now. It can be adding a photo to your wall, changing the scent of your office, tasting a fresher juice in your mouth, changing clothes for a lighter touch… You got it, change one thing right now, so that one of your 5 senses is enhanced. You will enhance the quality of the messages you receive through your intuition. 

Guess what? Roses can pretty much enhance all 6 senses at once, the 6th sense, being the soul extra sense, allowing you to see visions in new ways, drop into synchronicities, talk telepathically. So why wouldn’t you treat yourself with roses offered by you, for you? 

The HeartWorkers encourage you not to wait for someone to send you roses. Be empowered and buy yourself the most beautiful bouquet now as a demonstration of your self love. We have to start loving ourselves first before we can share this love and give to others. 

Our GIFT YOURSELF Challenge starts Now! 30% OFF our Heart Boxes!

What is your mission? 

Leveraging body intelligence. Our emotions are energetic information moving through our body, we often misinterpret them when we don’t ignore them. But when we learn how to make sense of our feelings and emotions, we become quickly addicted to the unique insights generated by our emotions to inform our decision-process for ourselves, others and the world. 

Can you describe why we all need to connect more with ourselves? And what do you recommend for self-care? 

 Our world’s imbalances are increasing at a global, political & economical level, and we can feel it at an individual level. Yet, we all have untapped resources within us to rebalance our own energy. We help people make a huge step beyond the intellect and into the heart so that ALL of us find balance one emotion at a time. 

Try it for yourself, on a daily basis, journal your emotions, learn how to recognize the stimulus within your body and the life patterns generated by your own feelings. To develop self-care, one needs to grow self-awareness and allow for the possibility of a trigger to become a glimmer. 



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