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Green Roses Collection

Green forever roses are a stunning home accessory, freshening up any room with their distinctive, breathtaking beauty. Though particularly in demand in the Springtime, these forever roses make an enchanting centerpiece all year round. What’s more, our collection of vibrant green forever roses in a box retain their charm for several years, making them a superb, long-lasting gift for the flower lovers in your life.

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    Beatiful Gift

    A very thoughtful gift that is beautiful and lasts longer than traditional flowers giving the added bonus of classy home decor. They also smell fantastic and came with a beautiful presentation.

    Ava E.Verified Buyer

    My favorite roses.

    They’re beautiful and the perfectly gifted for a special occasion, a date or day moments.

    Karina B.Verified Buyer

    My sister loves them!

    Bough them for her birthday and she said they we beautiful

    Julia B.Verified Buyer


    Got them for a photoshoot and they looke amazing!

    Tara B.Verified Buyer

    Awesome Arrangement

    The flowers are gorgeous and my sister was surprised know I got that she will be able to enjoy these for a long time. No more disposable flowers.

    Isis F.Verified Buyer


    Green Roses are a unique and captivating variety of roses that feature stunning shades of green in their petals. They are not a result of genetic modification but rather occur naturally or through selective breeding. Green Roses symbolize renewal, growth, and harmony, making them a perfect choice for conveying messages of new beginnings and fresh starts.
    Green Roses offered by The Million Roses are entirely natural. These roses are cultivated through careful breeding and cultivation techniques, resulting in their distinct and alluring green hues. They are not artificially dyed or colored, ensuring that their beauty remains authentic and long-lasting.
    Absolutely! Green Roses create a striking contrast when combined with other colored roses. You can create your own custom roses arrangements or pick from our stunning two-color floral arrangements that pair green roses with classic red roses for a romantic touch, vibrant yellow roses for a cheerful and lively bouquet, and more color combinations.
    Green Roses are versatile and can be a wonderful gift for various occasions. They are particularly well-suited for celebrating new beginnings, such as weddings, graduations, or the start of a new chapter in life. Green Roses are also an excellent choice for expressing good luck, harmony, and personal growth, making them a thoughtful gesture for friends, family, or colleagues embarking on new journeys.