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Gold Roses Collection

Whether you’re celebrating the accomplishments of a loved one or investing in an attention-grabbing ornament, you won’t find anything more fitting than beautiful gold roses. Symbolic of success and prosperity, our gold forever roses will add a touch of opulence to any occasion. Our flawlessly preserved gold roses in a box will stay fresh for at least three years, sustaining their sense of beauty. If you’re planning a formal event, adorn your venue with gold roses to make it a truly unforgettable experience.

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Beatiful Gift

A very thoughtful gift that is beautiful and lasts longer than traditional flowers giving the added bonus of classy home decor. They also smell fantastic and came with a beautiful presentation.

Ava E.Verified Buyer

My favorite roses.

They’re beautiful and the perfectly gifted for a special occasion, a date or day moments.

Karina B.Verified Buyer

My sister loves them!

Bough them for her birthday and she said they we beautiful

Julia B.Verified Buyer


Got them for a photoshoot and they looke amazing!

Tara B.Verified Buyer

Awesome Arrangement

The flowers are gorgeous and my sister was surprised know I got that she will be able to enjoy these for a long time. No more disposable flowers.

Isis F.Verified Buyer


Are gold roses real?

Gold roses are not naturally occurring in nature. They are created through a meticulous process of plating or dipping real roses in a thin layer of gold, creating exquisite and luxurious blooms.

How are gold roses made?

Gold roses undergo a meticulous preservation process where real roses are carefully selected, trimmed, and then delicately coated with a layer of pure gold. Learn about the intricate craftsmanship behind these dazzling creations.

Can I buy gold roses as a gift?

Absolutely! Gold roses make stunning and unique gifts for special occasions. Discover reputable sources or luxury brands that offer gold roses, ensuring your gift embodies elegance and exclusivity.

How do I care for gold roses?

Our gold roses are long-lasting and require minimal care. Explore our care page for tips and techniques for maintaining the beauty of gold roses, such as keeping them away from direct sunlight and avoiding the contact with water.