The Million Roses vs Regular Flowers


The Hidden Cost of Regular Roses

The new Sustainability Campaign for The Million Roses  by Director & Creative Director Katharina Baron shows us the Hidden Cost of Regular Roses in a comparison video where we see Regular Roses vs The Million Roses. Over the course of the video we see how regular roses only last a few days while The Million Roses last at least 3 Years. 

The Million Roses are naturally preserved and need no water while regular roses need to be watered and  3,567,540 tons of CO2 is produced  while they are cooled, stored and transported across the world. The campaign was shot in Malibu and features the models Fly Twins, who just walked the runway for Gucci this season. The twins could show off their acting talent in the spot where one of them was having The Million Roses while the other twin turned her back and was clearly upset. 

“I wanted to shoot this in a modern and fresh way. The Million Roses are sustainable by design and have always been the sustainable choice, but we sometimes forget that lowering our carbon footprint needs to go further than driving an e-car, taking less planes or even becoming vegan. I don’t think many people even know that buying weekly fresh roses which are imported and die after a few days is not sustainable. “, says Katharina. 

We want the beauty of nature around us and it is possible, but we need to make a change. By buying regular flowers weekly over 3 years your carbon footprint is equal to driving 8640 miles by car. The message is clear if we want to lower our carbon footprint The Million Roses are the sustainable choice. 

“Coming up with the idea for the campaign was almost natural and it all came together perfectly after we had our cast. I love working with the same team so we have done countless shoots together. My DP Maximilian Schmige, Hair and Make up by Aaron Barry, set design by Yohan Abrial and beautiful vintage Chloé and Staud dresses by Paume Los Angeles and of course with the production support of Durable Goods. The whole magic came together in post especially thanks to the beautiful music by the talented Nelson Diazz who has been a breakout pianist during the pandemic.”

The Campaign is currently visible on the main site of The Million Roses and the sustainability site Preserve The Planet and really explains the product and the mission of the company. In addition customers can opt for the new sustainable packaging at checkout. 

“It was an especially challenging day where it was so hot out. We probably all understood on a visceral level what climate change means. This summer we all got messages to save water so shooting something that can add beauty to our homes yet has a message behind it really made sense.“


New Campaign Video directed by Katharina Baron @katharina.baron 

DP Maximilian Schmige  @maxschmige_dp 

Editing & Graphics  Eric Tosstorff @et_motion 

Talents Fly Twins @flytwins @gracefly @hopefly 

Music Nelson Diaz  @nelsondiazxx 

Clothing Chloé @chloe and Staud @staud  Paumé Los Angeles @paumelosangeles 

Hair and Make Up Aaron Barry  @abhairmakeup

Set Design @yoabrial

Production Ryan Wadzinski @durablegoods

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