The Spiritual Rose Color Guide

Did you know that each rose color has a different energetic meaning?

We chatted with Leonie Lepenos, Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer about energies, frequencies of roses and the meaning of colors. 

What do roses mean energetically? 

Plant Medicine is powerful - Roses have the highest frequency, 320 megahertz of any plants or gems stones. In comparison 3 x stronger than lavenders! Everything has its own energy - and every emotion has a specific frequency.

Every cell organ and function in the body performs to a specific frequency, called resonant frequency. The body communicates through frequency as an electromagnetic wave of energy. So it is important with which energies we surround ourselves with - as they resonate with us energetically. 

What does each color symbolize energetically?

When it comes to the different colors, we can dive even deeper spiritually - so here we prepared a little overview with the different meanings of colors on an energetic level:

White Roses:
The color white spiritually means light. White represents wholeness and completion and peace. It’s the most spiritual of all colors with the highest frequency.

Pink Roses:

Pink is the color meaning of soft love, self love, nourishing maternal / parental love. Pink is symbolic of softness and femininity and pink is also a symbol of spring.

Yellow Roses:
Yellow is a bright happy, joyful color, it reminds us of a beautiful carefree sunny, summer day. Its meaning is the symbolism of optimism, idealism and joy.

Orange Roses:
Orange represents abundance and is a warm and energetic color. Orange has many meanings including affection, warmth and sensuality.   

Red Roses:
The color red is vibrant and full of life, symbolizes love and passion, it excites and energizes. When it comes to red roses, this is a classy way to say „I love you, I want you“ .

Green Roses:
Green is the verdant color of nature and the environment, the symbolism is health, youth, fertility, renewal, good luck and money. 

Blue Roses:
Blue holds the symbolic meaning of peace truth, and tranquility. Blue is the color of cool water, it is soothing and symbolically represents trust and harmony, it also holds the energy and meaning of calm.

Purple Roses:
Purple has long been the color of royalty, signifying nobility.  It also represents ceremony, spirituality and the realm of mystery. The color purple holds ancient meaning of sacred wisdom and enlightenment.

Gold Roses:
Gold is the color meaning of wealth and endurance. Gold is symbolic of empires and kingdoms and reigns of power. The energy of the sun and the lion. Gold is the color of confidence and Courage.

Silver Roses:
Silver is a strong protective energy and also symbolizes the moon, feminine energy, intuition and the realm of imagination.

Black Roses:
Black is the combination of all colors together, it is a symbol of the unknown. Black is the most formal color that can symbolize elegance, power, sexuality, allure and mystery.

Leonie learned about the power of frequency when she healed herself after a near to death experience, through that she awakened. 

"Choose wisely the color of your roses and invest consciously in your frequency!"

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