Why Should You Choose TMR?

The Million Roses has so many roses to choose from, it wouldn't be a serious challenge to find what you’re looking for. Where else will you find shiny, metallic roses, sunset-colored roses, black roses, neon-colored roses, and any shade in between? But, if the color selection alone isn’t enough, here are a few of the best reasons to get your flowers at TMR.

TMR’s Preserved Roses Last
at least 3+ Years!

Do you have a hard time bringing yourself to buying expensive floral bouquets knowing they are going to die shortly after you gift them? In fact, sometimes fresh flowers have already begun wilting by the time they get to your door!
TMR’s preserved roses are different. They stay vibrant for years and thanks to the removal of moisture during the preservation process, they cannot wilt. In fact, if you are gentle when touching the roses, it is unlikely they will shed petals at all!
Don’t let the word “preserved” fool you, these roses look silky and supple, just like a fresh rose! These aren’t crispy flower petals used for potpourri!
Preserved roses by TMR will give you the same experience as fresh cut flowers, but they last over 150 times longer!

Preserved Roses are
Super Easy to Keep “Alive!”

Fresh cut flowers can be such a pain to care for!
First, you have to hope that the stems have been properly trimmed, or you are definitely going to get smelly, soured vase water. Then, you must keep food and/or fresh water in the vase to try and keep the flowers alive longer than two days – a process which is messy and inconvenient.
Even if you do everything right, the petals and leaves will begin shedding within 2 weeks, which causes small floral debris to dirty up wherever you’re displaying the flowers!
Preserved roses are so much simpler to care for, you will wonder why you ever bought fresh cut flower arrangements!
All you need to do is keep your flowers in an area that is relatively cool and dry. Then, just avoid crushing them and you are all good to go. The only additional care you may need is to lightly dust them off over time – a problem fresh cut flowers would surely have if they lived long enough to
gather dust!

Final Thoughts on Buying
from The Million Roses

Though it may be enticing to buy the discounted flowers at your grocery store or hit up a knockoff retailer of preserved roses, you will want to do yourself the favor of choosing TMR the first time, every time.
With TMR you can customize your order down to the container and color/ number of flowers. Plus, you can adjust your shipping to ensure you get your arrangement the moment you need it.
No matter what your rose arrangement needs entail, TMR can help you bring your vision to life. If you are looking for the perfect gift to give a loved one or friend, check out the amazing roses at TMR.

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